Go With the Flow

10 Apr


Hi all,

It’s a crazy time in the Anna-verse. I am in the process of moving and it’s taking a while. The big auditions are starting to be announced and I’ve made my audition appointment for Phoenix Theatre and Childsplay. I will also be auditioning for the first time ever for a character company that performs at children’s parties. I need to come in character and sing a song.

This weekend I record my part for the feature film dub project. I will tell you about that once the entire thing is available. It’s a really prominent project. And the last performances of Guys and Dolls start tomorrow. It’s your last chance to get tickets.

I attended the Phoenix Film Festival and it was fantastic yet again. I did not see a single film that creeped me out. I went to see Jake Squared, which stars Elias Koteas as a man making a film about his life who has his past selves and former loves appear all at once to guide him on the way to finding true love. It was really unique in its format. After that, I saw Life Inside Out, which I also loved. The lead actress and her son wrote most of the music and starred in the film together. It really touched my heart and was true to life. I then went to see the IFP Film Challenge Finalists presentation and I got to see the short, Rigged, from my pals, Studio Gaijin, in which I was an extra. Last night, I had the privilege to see the film Belle, a period piece about a real-life young lady who overcame societal discrimination to find a life that makes her happy. That film will actually be appearing in select cities throughout the country.

I did my edits on La Famille and sent it to my producer acquaintance and my new buddy from Louisiana. I want the script to be as awesome as possible and get produced ASAP. I really want The Go-Girls to be produced too.


All Together Now

11 Mar

Hi all,

Yesterday was my birthday and my grandpa’s too. Guys and Dolls officially opened last week and we’ve had a full house each night. As always, I worked during the day in a classroom and rehearsed and performed at night all last week. Now not only am I a Hot Box Girl, I get to play the role of Mimi and say some lines. I get to twirl a ribbon and wear a calypso costume for the Havana scene and bear my mid-driff as a sexy farm girl. Of course, I wear a body-shaper leotard, so you don’t see my actual tummy. The show runs Thursday through Saturday, at 7pm each night. The site for tickets is http://www.donbluthfrontrowtheatre.com.

I was also cast in a VO film project through a local production company. I can’t provide details beyond that as it’s a major project. It’s an excellent step in the right direction.

I received the news last week that The Go-Girls did not win the screenwriting contest. They had me film Interview videos so people could get to know me and my script. I actually learned how to make films on my computer on iMovie and add opening graphics. I never knew how to do that before. Now I can film auditions anytime I want. The link to the playlist is on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdzazEYOsJo&list=PLtdOV1g2RdSv1vvfa6pEeHIMkvkZvOv_Y

I’m also just about finished with La Famille. I should introduce you to all the characters. I promised to send it to someone a really long time ago. I’ll have to find someone to translate much of the dialogue into Cajun French. If you’d like the job, let me know. The script has a great deal of characters and locations.

I’ll be finding new housing sometime next month and it looks like there are many affordable options. I have to find Summer employment or book a great deal of commercial principal roles. I have applied to children’s theatres and learning centers. I have even more places to contact.

Razzle Dazzle

11 Feb

Hi all,

Today’s blog title comes from the musical Chicago. In one of the many little quizzes they have on Facebook, I received the result that the Broadway musical I should star in is Chicago. I love Bob Fosse’s choreography. I have been cast in Guys and Dolls with Don Bluth Front Row Theatre. I am very glad to be onstage again and I’ll be playing a Hot Box Girl. I’ll be doing a great deal of dancing. The show runs from March 6 through April 12, Thursdays through Saturdays at 7pm. You can purchase tickets at http://donbluthfrontrowtheatre.com/etickets/index.php?cPath=6

I also auditioned for a VO feature film this past Sunday produced by DB Rich Productions and it went really well. I would be excited to be part of the project and it pays.

I have heard from the people at 8 Sided Forum and they have posted my statement of purpose. Here is the link:


I now have to make a series of videos answering interview questions. I’m not well-versed with editing and filming so I have recruited my friend to help me out. It was recommended that I post the videos this week. I have to squeeze that in around rehearsals.

In the meantime, I am also working on my song repertoire and my vocal technique. I have been meaning to call my acting coach to go over my monologues. I have been working on a monologue from the character Jenny in Abstract Expression by Theresa Rebeck. It’s mostly run-on sentences and a bit of babbling. It’s a challenge going for both film and stage. I also have to finish La Famille. I have about 78 pages done so far.

Support Your Local Anna 2

25 Jan

Hi all,

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make another post.  I was going to wish you Happy New Year and I thought it was going to be grand.  I am taking voice lessons once again and attended an excellent workshop last night.  I was even going to make a film this weekend but tragedy struck and my director and leading man had to pull out.  This has been a really bad week and I have found out I need a new place to live in a few months.  I really need some financial help to get back to LA and be able to afford housing in the interim.  There is now a donation page for my GoFundMe campaign.  Simply click the link and the page will come up.  Anything helps and a little adds up to a lot when a large number of people donate.  I have no means of repaying your kindness but thank you so much for your generosity.

I hope to have some better news to report soon.  Sad posts are not good for self-marketing, but I really need support right now.  I have no clue what I can afford right now.

I have an audition tomorrow for The Last Five Years and for Julius Caesar on Monday.  I’m waiting to hear if I got into another show.  I long for the day I can be onstage again.

Deck the Cactuses

20 Dec

Hi all,


I hope your Holiday season is merry and bright. This is the first year in a while that I haven’t been in a show for Christmas, but I guess that gives me more time for Christmas fun. I will be visiting home for Christmas and my mom and I will be shopping and baking cookies. I will be coming back in time to march in the Fiesta Bowl Parade with my fellow Arizona Avengers. I attended three industry-related gatherings in a row two weeks back: one was a going away event for a producer friend of mine, one was my agency’s Holiday party, and the third was Filmstock. I really enjoyed the Filmstock Festival and I attended on the night they were doing dramatic shorts. My favorite was The Last Piper, an amazing film made by Norwegian film students. I couldn’t believe how incredible the quality and acting were. There were also two SAG-AFTRA shorts, one of which starred a few people from “Breaking Bad.” I have been really excited to see how Filmstock has grown to now have festival dates in four states and the increasing professional quality of the films.


I recently sent postcards to casting directors in New Mexico. I have been given advice to make one-sheets and there was an article about pilot season in Backstage online that said sending e-mail press releases was the best way to get casting directors to call you in. I have always heard that unsolicited e-mails are not accepted and that it’s extremely rare for someone who is non-union to be seen for a pilot. The Actors Network advice is to do “odd-size mailers,” which is a postcard in an envelope. I usually do that, but I had old stamps that I needed to use that were the right amount for sending postcards not in envelopes. Postage keeps increasing.


In the New Year, there will be a New Media project, a proposed charity concert, exciting news about the script contest, more auditions, and hopefully some major bookings. I will get myself back to LA some year soon. A buddy of mine is already well on the way to relocating.


Merry Christmas to all, may your stage lights burn bright!

A View to the Top

3 Dec

Hi all,

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Now the season of shopping is upon us.  As a starving artist, my family and friends will mostly be getting Christmas cards.  I had a bit of breakthrough this past month. I was cast as a paid extra in a commercial for three days through my agent. I’ve never gotten three days on a film set before, so this was great. I was a mom extra and we got to pretend to eat pizza. They fed us well and it was an actual top professional shoot with some of the crew from LA. I hope to have a great deal more paying film and commercial film work.

Today, I’ll be auditioning for Dial M for Murder. I received a callback for The Mousetrap last year at this theater, so I hope it works out well. I auditioned for a few musicals and didn’t even get a callback. They keep talking about how it’s so hard, especially at the local Equity theatres to get cast. I hope it’s not impossible for me.

Last month, I attended the Indie Window premiere of local film, Reckless Abandon. My friend Greg was in the film and I was even sitting next to him. For a state without tax incentives, local filmmakers are doing very well. We just need some SAG-AFTRA work, and we’ll be good. The city of Tucson came up with a plan to attract top filmmakers through providing discounts on services and locations. Phoenix needs to do it too. I am planning to get back to LA some day and I’m going to be SAG-AFTRA eligible. That Taft-Hartley project will happen.

I recently connected with the production team of Yet 2 Be Named, who are now promoting their web series of the same name. They were really nice and willing to give me advice for doing a SAG-AFTRA New Media project. The site is http://yet2benamed.com. I’ve connected with a great deal of filmmakers and actors in LA through Twitter.

No news yet on the script contest, but I am sure there will be soon.

Prize Winner

1 Nov

Hi all,

I’m glad to see I had 27 views yesterday. I would love to have 100 or more views per day. I know of a local PR firm that aggressively markets their talent. I’d like to try that, but I’m not sure about the price or if it’s worth it in a smaller market.


I have great news to share. I adapted The Go-Girls into a screenplay and submitted it to the 8 Sided Films 8X8 Screenwriting contest in August. The script is one of four finalists in the contest, and is eligible for a large monetary prize and mentorship and resources to get the film produced. I will be submitting a statement of vision to share with the members of their forum and the indie film community. They will be interviewing all the finalists. They are based in LA and have produced a number of excellent independent films.


I auditioned for Fiddler on the Roof last Sunday and I was hoping I would get at least a callback. I had a sudden attack of nerves at the audition even though I was well-prepared. I can’t afford to have that happen. I just scheduled auditions for two other productions at another theatre. I’ll be auditioning for a student film at ASU, which is a really good school. And I auditioned for two really nice guys today for a film under a SAG contract. It went really well.


One thing I’ve been trying to cement for my career is not working for free anymore. I thought I was done doing that. There are far too many casting notices that say things like, “compensation in the form of copy, credit, and meals” and “no pay, but great exposure.” Acting, and other arts, require training and dedication. Couldn’t we all find money to pay? Copy and credit is not pay. One thing that really ticks me off is something they mostly pull in LA. They note on the casting notice, “pay for Equity only, non-union roles unpaid,” or “pay for SAG only, gas stipend for non-union.” Why would I have less need for money than a union person? My friends in SAG-AFTRA and Equity still have day jobs. No one deserves to get away with not paying people because they don’t have a paper card. I have heard of different rates, but providing nothing, a gas stipend, or some education stipend in place of normal pay for the non-union is ridiculous. I found a really great article about one author’s advocacy of not working for free anymore. It’s called “Slaves of the Internet, Unite.”   He even includes a response to send to anyone who wants your services for free.  Here’s the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/27/opinion/sunday/slaves-of-the-internet-unite.html?_r=0

I started my Cactus Flower Pictures page on Facebook and I hope we can get some projects started soon. We just have to find a mutual time to meet.



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